Artfully pieced original creations The challenge of using line, shape, color and contrast to interpret what I see is my objective. If I create something that will evoke emotion in the viewer, then I have truly succeeded.

Edge on the Verge

Edge publicityI’m privileged to be part of EDGE and in very good company. Here’s the latest info on our exhibition in Topeka which is opening soon:

“… the verge, … that place of encounter described by Daniel J. Boorstin, the former Librarian of Congress, and our working place incorporating history and tradition with innovation and experimentation. Working along the edge is what we do and who we are.” —Sharon Bass, EDGE curator of exhibitions

The opening reception is Friday, August 11, 5:30 to 7:30. The gallery is located in the Topeka and Shawnee County Library, 1515 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka 66604.

EDGE on the VERGE will be showing the work of Dora Agbas, Kansas City; Sharon Bass, Kansas; Linda Beach, Louisiana; Jette Clover, Belgium; Shawn Delker, Kansas; Eileen Doughty, Virginia; Linda Filby-Fisher, Kansas City; Carla Fisher, Pennsylvania; Mary Kay Fosnacht, Kansas City; Karen Anne Glick, Pennsylvania; Karen Goetzinger, Ontario, CA; Karen Hansen, Kansas City; Linda Jurkiewicz, Kansas City; Mary B. Pal, Ontario, CA; Ruth Powers, Kansas, Virginia Spiegel, Illinois; Karen Stiehl Osborn, Nebraska; and, Charlotte Ziebarth, Colorado.


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