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Miriam Machell Award for Beauty

The Joy of Soaring, detailI’m doing a happy dance upon finding out that my entry into Quilt Visions 2018: Connections, The Joy of Soaring, was awarded the Miriam Machell Award for Beauty!

I’ve also just received the exhibition catalog and had my first chance to see the work juried into the show – have to say I am proud to be in such good company and included in such a stunning exhibition.


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I just finished a commission that was a lot of fun to work on and wanted to share a few details with you. My client wanted a scene of the Smoky Mountains and, to make it more personal, wanted a quotation featured in the landscape. I usually don’t include text in my own work so it was an interesting challenge to find a way to incorporate it into the scene. The color palette of cool blues, grays and greens with a spark of orange was a joy to work with and I love the texture that the quilting stitch gives to the surface.





Quilt Visions 2018: Connections

I was surprised and thrilled to receive the news that my work The Joy of Soaring was juried into Quilt Visions 2018: Connections! The exhibition opens later this year at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego and I’ll be sure to post the details of the opening reception here if you’re in the area and would like to attend

The Joy of Soaring, detail

The Joy of Soaring, detail

Edge on the Verge

Edge publicityI’m privileged to be part of EDGE and in very good company. Here’s the latest info on our exhibition in Topeka which is opening soon:

“… the verge, … that place of encounter described by Daniel J. Boorstin, the former Librarian of Congress, and our working place incorporating history and tradition with innovation and experimentation. Working along the edge is what we do and who we are.” —Sharon Bass, EDGE curator of exhibitions

The opening reception is Friday, August 11, 5:30 to 7:30. The gallery is located in the Topeka and Shawnee County Library, 1515 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka 66604.

EDGE on the VERGE will be showing the work of Dora Agbas, Kansas City; Sharon Bass, Kansas; Linda Beach, Louisiana; Jette Clover, Belgium; Shawn Delker, Kansas; Eileen Doughty, Virginia; Linda Filby-Fisher, Kansas City; Carla Fisher, Pennsylvania; Mary Kay Fosnacht, Kansas City; Karen Anne Glick, Pennsylvania; Karen Goetzinger, Ontario, CA; Karen Hansen, Kansas City; Linda Jurkiewicz, Kansas City; Mary B. Pal, Ontario, CA; Ruth Powers, Kansas, Virginia Spiegel, Illinois; Karen Stiehl Osborn, Nebraska; and, Charlotte Ziebarth, Colorado.


West Wind

West Wind, 5/17, Detail

West Wind, 5/17, Detail

I’ve just finished a new work, West Wind, which is now posted in the gallery section of this site. This piece is slightly more abstract than my usual work, relying on line and shape to convey the sense of a warm summer wind. While there are a few branches to be seen, the details of the trees are left to the imagination. Rather than draw precise leaves, I wanted to give the impression of leaves shifting in the sunlight with the different colors I chose.

Working on this piece for the last several weeks with it’s warm, cheery colors gave me a head start on feeling like summer is finally here. I hope West Wind gives you the same happy, carefree feeling of summer.

Lavender Honey

It’s spring and I have been influenced by sunshine, new green foliage and all the colors of the rainbow that flowers display. After a colorless winter, it felt good to pick out fresh, bright fabrics and work with them to create Lavender Honey, my latest work

Lavender Honey, 3/17, detail

Lavender Honey, 3/17, detail

Lavender Honey, 3/17, detail

Lavender Honey, 3/17, detail


This isn’t any one scene, but rather a composite of memories of bright sunny days. A day spend planting in my garden, driving past summer fields and a trip spent bicycling in wine country and the poplars that defined the vineyards. The full image of the piece can be seen in the Gallery section of my site but I thought I would share detail images here. Hope you enjoy this touch of spring!