Artfully pieced original creations The challenge of using line, shape, color and contrast to interpret what I see is my objective. If I create something that will evoke emotion in the viewer, then I have truly succeeded.


Asymmetrical Balance – The Quilt Show Daily Blog - For those interested in design, see my article on asymmetrical design as featured in The Quilt Show Daily Blog posted on September 11.
Edge on the Verge - I’m privileged to be part of EDGE and in very good company. Here’s the latest info on our exhibition in Topeka which is opening soon: “… the verge, … that place of encounter described by Daniel J. Boorstin, the former Librarian of Congress, and our working place incorporating history and tradition with innovation and experimentation. […]
Art Quilting Studio - I am honored to be included in the Summer 2017 issue of Art Quilting Studio that’s just been published. This is such a beautifully printed magazine – their images are of such an amazing quality! If you are interested in purchasing a copy, the link is
West Wind - I’ve just finished a new work, West Wind, which is now posted in the gallery section of this site. This piece is slightly more abstract than my usual work, relying on line and shape to convey the sense of a warm summer wind. While there are a few branches to be seen, the details of […]
Lavender Honey - It’s spring and I have been influenced by sunshine, new green foliage and all the colors of the rainbow that flowers display. After a colorless winter, it felt good to pick out fresh, bright fabrics and work with them to create Lavender Honey, my latest work . This isn’t any one scene, but rather a […]
Exhibition at the Antenna Gallery - I’m very excited to be one of four artists who will be part of an exhibition at the Antenna Gallery in New Orleans titled Flora, Fauna & Entrails. The exhibition opens with a reception on April 8, 6-10pm and will remain on display until May 7 if you are in the area. Please see the link […]
My Video on The Quilt Show - As a fun way to celebrate International Quilting Weekend (and Saint Patrick’s Day!), The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims is offering everyone the chance to view their shows for free and win some great prizes. If you are interested in watching my show, it is #1409 and can be seen at The […]
Working in a Series? - I have never found myself working in a series, somehow the inspirations for my work never seem to follow that path. But my latest two works, The Joy of Soaring and The Beginning of the Journey come the closest I’ve ever been to working in a series. As soon as I finished The Joy of Soaring, […]
The Joy of Soaring - I’ve just finished a new piece, The Joy of Soaring, which can been seen in the Gallery area of this site. The piece features birds and circles – two subjects that I keep returning to in my work. Birds have always fascinated me and I love to watch them. Several years ago I did a […]